Fabregas says players are responsible for Chelsea decline


Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas has stated that the players are responsible for their decline this season and that Jose Mourinho is not the one who should be blamed.

The Portuguese manager has been severely criticised for his side’s performances this season but the Spanish midfielder believes that he has been let down by some of his players.

After winning the Premier League last year, Chelsea were expected to defend the title this season. However, so far it has been a catastrophic season for the Blues and there have been no signs of a revival.

Fabregas claimed that the players are being paid good money and they need to start acting like big players and perform for their side now.

The former Arsenal captain has also questioned the attitude of his teammates.

“If you are a big player and paid like a big player, you must play like a big player and behave like a big player.

“I am not saying you can’t have a bad season and bad games. We all have big players and small players, but the attitude must be spot on.

“We must always be at the top of our games, even when it’s not and not the behaviour that we are seeing right now from every Chelsea player.”

Fabregas said: “Confidence is important until a certain point. At the end of the day, as a player you have pride. We cannot win the Premier League right now, but we must do better.

“Right now is not the time to think of where we might finish, we’ve been saying it almost all season.

“I don’t think about anything apart from wanting to beat Sunderland, play my best and that’s it. Right now, no one is easy as it currently shows.

“We’ve put ourselves in this position and we must now prove that we can start winning.”

Chelsea crashed to a 0-1 defeat against Bournemouth earlier this week and are just one point above the relegation zone. The Premier League champions will take on Sunderland at Stamford Bridge later this weekend.


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