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Email: I would like to join Arsenal FC…



We get one of these emails every week it seems, where a young footballer (invariably from Africa, although not always from Nigeria) asks us to ‘give him a chance’ and scout him / bring him over to play football for our club (no, there’s no Soccerlens FC, yet).

I wonder if any other bloggers get these emails, so here’s one of those emails, and if you own a football blog and you get these emails, let me know.

Hie there?

I would like to join Arsenal FC and play for the club. I am a 19 year old professional & a naturally talented player. I am a skillful & aggressive scoring tool – right forward who is currently not playing for any FC. I am something that you need in your FC in order to archieve. You are a club that i deserve to play for.

I’ve got reasons why I’m not playing for any local Football club, I’m in Zimbabwe and i don’t want to play for miner clubs that don’t deserve to have players like me. My standard of professionalism is superb, I play the Samuel Eto’s type of play or more, because if i want to strike i am unstoppable like a lightning strike. TRUST ME I’m worth being given a chance & you will enjoy every moment of history making that you won’t regret.

I can’t say anything further. You shall prove it yourself… Be the first one to scout me and TRUST ME, you’ll never ever regret it. I am looking forward to this.

signed: Decision Ncube