Master Baiter Mourinho prepares for war with Manchester United

It’s hard not to laugh at Jose Mourinho’s comments, and it’s equally hard not to get angry at them. He has, single handedly, managed to piss off more people than we can possibly remember. He is a master baiter – nay, the king of master baiters.

He managed to get a reaction out of Ronaldo, and then milked that by calling Ronaldo a liar, even though Ronaldo said nothing about penalties.

Ferguson and Manchester United are now in a spot of bother. The next month or so will see Mourinho attack Manchester United the way you’ve never seen him attack United before. Replying to him will only make things worse – he’s the savage beast with nothing to lose and will not back off – the only way to beat him is to get jump in the mud with him and slug it out.

Ferguson won’t get down and dirty with Mourinho, which is why any war of words is likely to go Mourinho’s way. He has the players and the managerial reputation to back his words on the pitch and he is fully aware that he’s putting on a show to get specific objectives (upset the opposition, motivate his players and divert media attention from his team towards himself and news items he chooses to discuss).

Right now everyone is talking about the refs favouring United. It seems almost like destiny that a controversial decision is bound to happen in the United vs Chelsea game on the 9th, or even on the 19th. If it does, and it goes United’s way, Chelsea and Mourinho will get more ammo. If it goes Chelsea’s way, Mourinho’s aims will be achieved.

Kevin Nolan agrees with me when he says that Chelsea are lucky to have Jose Mourinho and that his brand of management helps the team completely. I wonder if he agrees with the master baiter bit?

So what can Manchester United do?

Focus on Everton tomorrow, Milan on Wednesday, and Manchester City on Saturday after that.

Jose Mourinho can wait.

However, there IS one thing I’d like to see – Roy Keane going up against Jose Mourinho. Keano is busy with Sunderland, but next season if / when Sunderland make it to the Premiership, Keane vs Mourinho is bound to be priceless. Or maybe Cantona jumping in?

Is there anyone in Manchester United who can take on Mourinho? Ferguson has too much to lose (if he had already won two Premiership titles, he might as well have joined in), Quieroz doesn’t get ugly, the players cannot afford to lose their focus.

Oh well. Round one to Master Baiter Jose Mourinho. Silly Ronaldo.

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