Chelsea Bid For Daniel Alves | Barcelona To Bid For Lampard

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Here it is – all that you wanted and you always wanted.

Chelsea have made a 14m pound bid for Sevilla right back Daniel Alves. Though we we seem to have some competition with a small club called Real Madrid, reports say that we are about to clinch it. This could be a cash deal or a deal that includes Khalid. Either way, I’d be so relieved.

Alves is a brilliant all-round players could be a vastly improved version of Diarra – great pace and superb skills, very effective in attack but not the complete defender as such. Not trying to undermine his capabilities but his attacking instincts do reduce his defensive attributes a wee bit that he can even be used as a right winger. I’d say Ashley is better at left back than Daniel Alves at right back, you know what I mean?

Guardian Unlimited’s Sid Lowe is obviously a fan of Alves:

But then Dani Alves is no ordinary right-back. He has played at right-back, right-midfield, left-back, left-midfield, central midfield and in St Petersburg last season even played up front – winning a penalty and providing an assist. He plays everywhere – and in the same game, too. He is, says this morning’s AS: “Three players in one: a central midfield playmaker with a winger’s soul who plays at full-back.” He is a one-man band, a phenomenal athlete who screams and tears round the pitch like a hyperactive child, a Roberto Carlos for the right. Only Alves can defend. In fact, he can be a right horrible little bastard when he wants to, diving and kicking and tugging to his heart’s content. It’s no coincidence that as well as topping the assists charts, he leads the way in yellow cards and fouls. In short, Alves can do everything.

Also there is this bid on Royston Drenthe, the Dutch teenager who had a great U21 Euro Cup. He is also a right back. If we end up getting both Alves and Drenthe, that might mean exit for Ferreira for sure. You might already know that Geremi has moved to Newcastle. Good for him and good for Sam.

The Sun says that Barca would bid for Lampard today and quite funnily also that Chelsea would reject the bid. It’s strange sometimes how the Press always are a couple of moves ahead when it comes to publishing news.

I wonder how the free-flowing high-skilled team of one touch genius with style, that is Barcelona, is waiting in the queue for a dry, straight, hard labour Frank Lampard. With this kind of hyper tension on the Lampard situation, our ex-boss Ranieri has given us some relief that he won’t be interested in Lampard for Juventus.

I’m slowly getting this feeling that Lampard might be on his way out. Though our Malouda deal is still in the balance (as Madrid entered the fray), I see that Jose Mourinho has been hinting in more than on way that he would go back to his tried and tested 4-3-3. Considering that we have already addressed our problems with defence, in 4-3-3, he can certainly lots of options such as Essien, Mikel, Makelele, Sidwell, Ballack and Diarra.

With Essien, Mikel and Sidwell occupying the centre of the pitch, you have a midfield that works like a machine, never loses possession and wins the ball with vengeance. Add to this, a forward line with flair consisting of Drogba, Sheva, Joe Cole, Robben, Kalou and possibly Malouda. This is futher supported by the enterprising wing backs in Cole, Bridge and possibly Alves who have between them a solid central defence of Terry, Carvalho, Tal and Alex. So, it is quite possible for Jose to see life after Lampard. Let’s see, everything should be clear by the end of this week.

Robben deal is still not through yet, Real Madrid once again proving to be villains. So, that’s Real Madrid being a thorn in three Chelsea deals. I honestly and unbiasedly feel that we would come out on top in all three deals by beating Madrid but it appears we might lose to their arch rivals. We have clinch all these four deals very soon. If we have Lampard, Robben, Alves and Malouda, we are very much on course to regain our title.

This post was originally published on Blue Champions on 04-July-2007.

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