Capello Criticism Unfair

It seems everyone is happy to throw a punch at England manager Fabio Capello.

The Sun pictures Capello with donkey ears and brands him a “jackass”. What is his crime? Not selecting two players with great potential – and yet so little experience.

Surely Jack Wilshere and Andy Carole’s exclusion is not a crime worthy of such blind hatred.

That is an all-time low. Yes, even by the Sun’s standards.

Then Jose Mourinho, a figure with whom the British media is obsessed, said Capello is “England’s problem” for his exaggerated no nonsense approach.

Didn’t the English FA appoint Capello because they wanted a man to bring in order and discipline after the preceding managers failed to win the respect of the players?

The hypocrisy stretches to more than just that.

Weeks after the English press lambasted Capello for calling it a day on 35-year-old David Beckham, the Italian is seen as a “jackass” and “England’s problem” for excluding young players.

Didn’t he snub Beckham in the first place in order to pave the way for the squad rebuilding process?

It seems that whatever Capello does is being used against him. But the man is still worthy of respect, says his CV. He is still the man for the job, says FA.

So just let him do his job in peace.



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