Bengals’ Sam Hubbard Says He ‘Will Never Replicate a Feeling Like That In Life’ After Game-Winning Fumble Return

Sam Hubbard
Sam Hubbard

Lifelong Bengals fan Sam Hubbard said he will never replicate the feeling he had as he sprinted away to win Cincinnati their Wild Card playoff match against the Ravens.

As the ball slipped away from a huddle of bodies on the Bengals goal line, Hubbard’s eyes lit up and the defensive end snatched it close to his chest and set off for the other end zone – a full 98 yards away.

Hubbard has probably never run so fast in his life and it was enough to send every Ravens player scrambling back in vain as the lifelong Bengals fan scampered over the line to win the game for Cincinnati.

Hubbard spoke about his TD after the game as he gave credit to his teammates defensive work before the spectacular run.

“Credit to Logan Wilson punching it out. Then just being at the right place at the right time, got a few blocks along the way. And I was just worried about getting tracked down. I’m glad I made it to the end zone.”

“You can’t replicate a feeling like that in life. It’s really special.”

Bengals superstar quarterback Joe Burrow threw one passing TD and scored a rushing one of his own during the game but in his press conference he could only talk about Hubbard.

“He’s kinda what this whole thing is built on. Toughness, hard work, leadership, those are the kind of guys we try to bring in here. And he’s one of my best friends and he comes up with big plays over and over and over again.

“He’s a great leader, gets his work done, constant positive attitude in the locker room, exactly the kind of guy you want on your team.”

The Bengals’ 24-17 win over the Ravens mean they advance to the divisional round with a game against the Bills next Sunday in what could be one of the best playoff games to date.

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