Arsene Wenger drags Arsenal back in the title race

Another must win game between two heavyweights of English football in Arsenal and Liverpool at Anfield.

When you talk about these two teams, history and class pours out. Arsenal won the game 1-2 with another sensational goal from a player that looks an absolute bargain at fourteen million in Arshavin. I don’t want to go what defeat for Rafa might mean but his opposite number Arsene Wenger knew that after the results at the weekend Arsenal Had to win.  

At half time after playing as bad as I’ve seen The Arsenal, they were one nil down to a team that if you believed everything you read are the worst Liverpool team ever. How can that be with players like Torres? Liverpool’s goal came from a trademark dive from Gerrard and from the resulting free kick Almunia flapped allowing Kuyt to score. Liverpool were aggrieved to not get a penalty after an obvious foul by Gallas. Personally I think this was a situation where reputation had spiked The Kops appeals. Gerrard is a known diver and I wish he wouldn’t because he is known to all as a talismanic captain. It’s not easy for a neutral to love a cheat.

 At half time the visiting players were given an uncharacteristic Arsenal kicking from The Boss. Think Phil Brown last year against City but not so embarrassing. The players were told they weren’t fit to wear the shirt causing them to come out of the traps and assert themselves on the game, get a bit lucky and eventually they won the game.

In the way that Stevie G in the past has dragged his club out of the darkness, Arsene Wenger did the same. The experience was needed on the pitch but we forget that the man who knows everything is right on the touchline. The team look to him for guidance and as he shoulders the blame so often, he can take the credit too.

He looked silly two weeks ago when his team was brushed aside by Chelsea but what a difference two weeks makes. Even I the most ardent Gooner had written the team off but they are still thereabouts in the title race.

For the first time in a long, long time, it’s easier to score at Old Trafford when playing Manchester United. If Chelsea are having problems now, imagine what will happen in January? Manchester City have a talented squad but they are cursed with every team in the Premier League wanting to show them what money can’t buy.

Martin O Neill has never won a game in March as a manager, the business half of the season. Tottenham are Tottenham. A good team shouldn’t lose to Wolves, but it shows the gap between so called quality teams and the rest has shortened.

I’m not saying Arsenal will win the title but after being awarded a get out of jail FREE card, they must take their chance. The next step would be to win their game in hand and get as many players fit. Arsene Wenger showed his young stars desire and passion and it was epitomised by Arshavin running straight up to the boss after he scored.

This is the best title race in a long time and cannot be called. Let’s hope good football wins it in the end.

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