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Arsenal watch: Adebayor vs Togo, Colorado Rapids owner to buy Arsenal shares, trouble with Gallas



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A quick look at the Arsenal news today:

Adebayor vs Togo

For those of you who haven’t heard the story, here’s the background story.

On one hand, I remember the preceding episode from the World Cup where the Togolese players threatened a boycott because they were not paid the full amount for Togo’s World Cup 2006 qualification. It was a shameful episode, and while the players were absolutely within their rights to demand payment, to do so during the World Cup was unprofessional.

On the other hand, Adebayor is not the smartest chip off the block. Someone looking to take the piss and call Adebayor a greedy bastard would point to his statement earlier this season that ‘Manchester United are after me and if Arsenal don’t improve my contract, I don’t know what will happen’. Of course, I’m not in the mood today, so that can’t be me.

What would be interesting to find out is the contractual agreement between the Togo FA and the players regarding payments. Then, if we could also figure out whether Togo have the money or not, we might be able to point out who’s right and who’s wrong.

Right now, the public will side with Adebayor. I personally think him and the other Togolese players standing up in protest are doing the right thing, especially if the money had been promised and not delivered.

Arsenal to be bought?

It’s a bit premature to be talking about takeovers, ainnit? It won’t stop the tongue-waggers to go on and on and on about it though.

I just don’t see Arsenal being taken over so quickly. Yes, Stan Kroenke (Colorado Rapids owner, the MLS club that Arsenal have financial and sporting links with as of this season) may be interested in buying ITV’s shares, and Danny Fizzman has reduced his shares to below 25%, but where is that leading to? Arseblogger thinks that the board will be very hostile to a takeover, and from what I’ve read from Myles, a takeover is closer than we think.

If Arsenal is taken over, what are the chances of a US-owned club winning the Champions League next season?

William Gallas and Arsenal

Gallas just can’t stop talking, can he? He’s been mouthing about the medical staff, about Arsenal’s inexperience, about Arsenal’s lack of goals, about Arsenal’s need to dip into the transfer market, etc etc. Part of it is because the media knows Gallas is egotistical and loves the spotlight – something he craved but never got at Chelsea.

At Arsenal, Gallas has the chance to play the ‘leadership’ role that so desperately wanted to at Chelsea. However, on ground evidence, he’s more interested in talking to the press than he is with leading from within.