Arsenal in best financial health in Premier League

It’s quite interesting because we all thought that the Londoners Arsenal were going to have problems due to the down-turn in property prices in London. Obviously, they still have the old Highbury and it was going to give the Gunners a great revenue boost if they could get good money out of selling their old home ground.

The Arsenal administrators always said that if they get a good offer for Highbury, it was going to be a surplus and if they didn’t it is not going to be a massive problem for them because it is not like they had budgeted to get that money as many speculated or believed.

Yes, there has been a drop in property prices and yes, there has been recession but that is only desirable to a certain kind of people. People like who make good money and they have a very desirable property just because they can make a good profit from the sale of it.

Not only Arsenal has done exceptionally well financially, they don’t rely on owners to put money in. They have got this take over battle which most of the Arsenal fans hope would just go away or stay away. For the record, Arsenal are the only top club living within their mean.

For more on the topic, follow the link and listen to Guardian writer and financial football expert David Conn on Episode 37 of the Soccerlens Podcast.

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