Are Manchester United missing too many chances?

In the Soccerlens forum, Frankie asks:

The last few games seem to be causing SAF some concern: 1-0 against Lyon, 0-1 against Portsmouth and 1-0 against Derby. It’s the old early season 1-0 routine again, although this time not all the results are going United’s way.

The statistics over the last 2 games make for pretty depressing reading for United’s strikers: 34 strikes at goal, 16 on target and only 1 goal (against Derby) to show for it. Is this the result of being a front man short, or the unreliable Saha, or should Wayne Rooney stop trying to score the artistically perfect goal or is SAF simply over-reacting?

What do you think? Are Manchester United missing too many chances, and will this come back to haunt them at the end of the season (or this weekend, or even today)?

Frankie also has the league stats for the Big Four from March 2008 and March 2007, and in comparing this season to the previous one you can see how well much each team has improved (Arsenal and Liverpool) and how others have performed roughly the same despite facing greater criticism this season (Chelsea and Manchester United).

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