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5 Reasons to Watch the Virtual Grand National

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The excitement of the Grand National doesn’t have to end with the real-life event.

Virtual reality has indeed become a reality for many people, now with sporting and betting events catching on too. The Virtual Grand National is one such event that offers a unique experience for leisure viewers and betters alike.

Here’s more information on how it works and what you can get out of virtual horse betting. Otherwise, join us below and discover 5 reasons to watch the Virtual Grand National.

Betting Stays the Same

Many people may be wondering about the Virtual Grand National and if they can still bet on it. It is a computer-generated horse race after all, which calls on all kinds of questions of legitimacy and fairness.

These are fair points and ones that haven’t been ignored. Coders enter many algorithms into the virtual race, including the horse’s form, weight, age, track experience, and even likely weather conditions of the day. This makes the race more accurate to real-life events.

When tested against the regular races in year’s past, the results have been exceptionally close to the real thing. This adds some authenticity to the race and many top UK bookmakers are happy to take bets and offer odds based on the virtual event.

It’s More Convenient

There’s plenty of reasons why the Virtual Grand National is more convenient for its viewers. The whole event itself will run a lot smoother and without delays due to unforeseen circumstances. The effort it takes to prepare the horses and the jockeys, relying on weather and other factors that come into play and slow down the real-life events can all be virtually diminished.

The event itself, being virtual, doesn’t have to adhere to the restrictions of the grounds you host it on either. The Virtual Grand National can be hosted almost anywhere, making it more convenient for those still interested in being at a physical event.

The Past Champions Race

The Virtual Grand National holds more excitement than only showing the current day races. Ever wondered who would win out of Red Rum or Seabiscuit? How about Secretariat or Black Caviar? All are possible with the Virtual Grand National.

Recently this year, a championship of past Grand National winners raced virtually against each other. All horses were previous champions and they were as they were in their prime. The winner this year was Red Rum with Manifesto as the close second. The overall event was viewed by 4.8m people, with the Past Champions race being an exciting addition.

Less Risk of Cancellations

There’s one thing that all real-life events have in common.

Whether it’s a tennis championship or a football match, they can be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. This is the biggest downfall that virtual events simply won’t share with their real-life counterparts.

The Virtual Grand National is no exception. In any event of the regular Grand National being cancelled, the Virtual Grand National will be able to be shown and betted on. There is also less risk it could be cancelled compared to the real-life event.

It’s Only Going to Get Better

The Virtual Grand National is one of the biggest racing events of its kind. This means that as it grows in popularity, the event itself can only improve.

More detailed or simply more algorithms fed into the program can only achieve closer accuracy to what would be in the real-life event. The looks and appearance of the event and the races themselves will only get better too, especially as the event becomes more popular and grows in investments from companies.

There are already some interesting little details that add to the event. CGI fence repair teams, weather, mud, ambulances, and much more that makes the event as real as possible. Find out more about virtual horse betting, news, and events here.

The Future of Virtual Racing

The Virtual Grand National can only get more interesting in the future. With a betting system that works, convenient and more interesting races, less likelihood of cancellations, and future improvements, it’s something to keep your eye on.

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