08/09 Premier League Kits

There are four ways you can find out which clubs have new kits for the 08/09 Premier League season.

You can:

1) Wait for the season to start (when you can catch the first home / away game and hence a glimpse of the new kits). If you want to be the last person to get your team’s new shirt, that’s the way to go.

2) Track the posts on the various football kits blogs and forums online – which give you leaked kit after leaked kit. If you want to spend your time online hunting down kits, go for it.

3) Check the official websites for each club. See above.

4) Check one single page that has information for ALL the Premier League kits – current and past. One-stop shop, easy to find, easy to read and regularly updated.

Say hello to the Premier League kits page. Has the latest kits for Premier League clubs and it will be continuously updated throughout the summer as new kits come out. No need to change your bookmarks either – next summer you can trust this page to bring to you, once again, the latest kits for each Premier League club.

Here it is again:

Premiership Kits

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