Manchester United 2007/2008 Away Kit

Manchester United’s 07/08 away kit kicks ass. I’ve been wanting a black Manchester United kit for ages now and this one, even with that red stripe down the back, looks amazing.

The away kit is supposed to be released on 13th Sept 07, ahead of the away game against Everton on 15th. It’s a bit late but I guess they want to give people as much time as possible to buy the home kit before putting up more cash for the black away kit.

Which numbers are you going to get? I already have Rooney’s from last year, so I’m thinking of Tevez or Anderson.

By the way, considering the stripes down the back, if Manchester United don’t win the title next season we’re going to be bringing out new kits, right? And what if we do win the title? Do we then keep the stripe?

I think there’s a good chance we’re going to have new kits next season.

Manchester United 07/08 Black Away Kit Poster

Manchester United 07/08 Away Kit (Official Poster)

Manchester United 07/08 Black Away Kit Front

Manchester United 07/08 Away Kit (Front)

Manchester United 07/08 Black Away Kit Back

Manchester United 07/08 Away Kit (Back)

[via Red Rants]

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