Win TWO tickets to the Chelsea/Arsenal match this weekend!

Football fans love free tickets, simple as that. In the world of sky-high ticket prices, you’d be hard pressed to find anything for a match for face value these days.

Considering paying for a big match between two of the best clubs in the world? You might as well give an arm and a leg if you don’t have a mate with season tickets or a tree in your yard growing £100 notes.

But if you’re a Chelsea fan, we’ve got a sweet deal for you. Samsung Football are giving away TWO tickets in the Chelsea end for this Saturday’s semi-final clash between Chelsea and Arsenal through a lucky draw here at Soccerlens (no fancy balls in a bowl crap, we do our draws with random number generators).

All you need to do to enter the draw to win two tickets to the Chelsea / Arsenal game this weekend is to answer a simple question. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get TWO tickets for this weekend’s critical semi-final clash between Chelsea and Arenal! (Please note that the tickets will be in the Chelsea end.)

Send your answers to the question (below) to: [email protected] before 2pm GMT Friday 17 April 2009 for a chance to win. Make sure that you include your your full name and phone number that we can contact you on (time is short so we need this information on hand to get the tickets to you before the game).

Here’s the question:

samsung-footballOn the Samsung Football website, in the video clip on the Terraces section, who do you find talking from the terraces?

A) Matt Le Tissier
B) Chris Kamara
C) Phil Thompson

The draw is now closed. Congratulations to Esme Inglis for winning the 2 tickets to the game. We’ll be in touch to get the tickets to you before the match.

Thank you everyone for taking part, we’ll be doing more giveaways throughout the year, so for those who missed out this time, do give it a shot the next time.

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