William Gallas exposes Arsenal to more bad press, Wenger must take action

I came across these comments by William Gallas and was amused / concerned. A couple of things came to mind:

One, he’s a twit for talking to the press like this but we know that already (and have discussed this countless times) so let’s move on, if Wenger puts up with it we can put up with it as well.

Two, he’s made plenty of mistakes himself so he needs to admit those in public before criticising others. In fact, and this is not a criticism of Arsenal but more one of the press, Arsenal have been in the press for several times for the last few seasons with ‘reports’ of ‘disharmony’ in the ranks. This is not on. If there’s a real problem, Wenger should deal with it. If there isn’t, then Wenger should ensure that nothing, not even an innocent ‘we’re under pressure’, is said to the press.

It’s not the players who will suffer, it’s the fans and once the fans’ minds are poisoned, there’s no way back for a player (think Ronaldo).

Three, the man has pretty much nailed Adebayor to the mast with the age and contract indicators (Adebayor is about the right age, has just received a new contract and was on the pitch throughout the 4-4 Arsenal v Spurs game (BBC’s match report). Yes, the article I linked to at the top names RVP, Sagna and Eboue, but personally I don’t find them capable of doing something like this. If anyone knows (or has a theory on) who Gallas is talking about, let us know.

This isn’t good for Arsenal, it’s not good for the game, and it’s time Wenger sorted this out in-house because the press will have a field day with the fallout to this one.

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