Why won’t Manchester United play Heinze?

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Saw the Charlton game over the weekend (ruined my saturday night though), and apart from the usual riffs about how good we’re looking this season, here are the key things I noticed:

Gabriel Heinze

Why aren’t Manchester United – or rather Alex Ferguson – playing Gabriel Heinze? Don’t tell me he’s not fit – that he is. Does Gabby want out, privately at least? Against Charlton, Evra was responsible for the first goal (albeit marginally, since Park would not have gotten there in such open space if the cross hadn’t been deflected so high), but is that it? Evra is fast, goes forward more and compensates for Giggsy’s tendency to cut in?

Against Charlton, at Old Trafford, we didn’t need the extra attacking threat. This would have been an excellent chance to give Heinze a game and get him back to match fitness. At 28, he still has 3-4 years of top performances in him.

I’d hate to think that Heinze is out of favour at Manchester United, but then again, SAF is paid to make the hard decisions, not us 🙂 I think he’s wrong, but if Evra is to develop as a player he needs the games.

Evra will most likely never be as good defensively as Heinze – he just doesn’t have the patience for it – he’s more of the fiery, headless chicken type than the ruthless aggression of Heinze. He’s more Park than Scholes, if you catch my drift.

Fletcher’s goal

Fletch looked almost apologetic when he scored United’s second goal (after the 70th minute – yes, I know). He should be sorry – after all, he stole Larsson’s goal. Good goal by Fletcher though, and he’s turned into a reliable squad player. If only, if only, he could be more tactically in sync with Rooney/Ronaldo, as Carrick, Scholes, Giggs and Saha are.

Rooney’s chip

Out of form? Will never be as good again?

I’d like to see those idiots who said all that. This is a 20-year old striker with his best years ahead of him, not a 29/30 year striker who should be sold to make space for younger players. Shows how prejudice can jaundice peoples’ opinions.

Manchester United

Difference between last year and this year? We won an easy game without being too good. Individually the team did great (Rooney for one, Park had a good game too), but as a team you could feel the absence of Carrick and Ronaldo. Still, defensively we’re set, and we Kuszczak did well when called upon.

Henrik Larsson

Sheer class.

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