Why Did Scott Carson leave Liverpool for Aston Villa?

There has been a lot of chatter in the media about Scott Carson’s 360 degree turn to head to Aston Villa, instead of joining Liverpool as understudy to Pepe Reina.

The decision, whether good or bad, will ultimately align Carson closer with a chance to be part of the England squad. Having been understudy to not one, but many top notch goalkeepers in my time between the sticks, I can understand Carson’s decision. Goalkeepers have to also become strategic decision makers in their quest for getting an elusive number one jersey. Following are some pointers on becoming more strategic as a goalkeeper.

Discover What Is Best For You: It is great to be part of a massive set up with everything, and anything at your disposal. But where do you want to be as goalkeeper? Do you want to play for a top flight club? Or do you want to align yourself with trainers who are part of the national team set up? If you can get the chance to have the best of both worlds you are in a good spot.

Play The Waiting Game: For younger goalkeepers all I can critique is that if you have landed the opportunity to be part of a great club team, then take the time to progress and develop within that team. As you gain the opportunity to play regular games, you will have a greater chance of becoming the top goalkeeper within you club. Patience is a virtue.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers, But Don’t Wait Around Forever: If you feel that the management’s vision for the team does not include you, or you have played second or third string for too many seasons without any serious game time, then don’t wait around forever. Every decision you make as a competitive goalkeeper should be aligned with the longer term vision you see for yourself. While opportunities in playing with larger clubs are great, wandering around aimlessley while other chances slip you by will not help you get to where you want to be.

So make every decision as a goalkeeper in a strategic fashion. Make sure that every move you make is strongly aligned with the vision and ideals you see of yourself as a future goalkeeping star.

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