What do you remember most about Gallas’ first season at Arsenal?

Arseblog points to a cultured left foot, who points to the official William Gallas website which has this gem of a poll:

What do you remember most about the season of William Gallas?

1. His uncontested leadership in the defense of the Gunners
2. His absence because of a pulled thigh
3. His successful integration into the team of Arsenal
4. His magnificent 3 registered goals
5. His season without a trophy

I’m going to let go of the fact that this was originally written in French and then translated in English on the site. I’m also going to ignore the fact that Gallas is wanted / needed at Arsenal precisely because he is a good defender. The off chance that this is an attempt at some form of French humour is disregarded as well.

But you’ve got to wonder where #6, the one people would most likely vote for, is.

#6, the lost option:

6. His constant whining and bitching to the point where Arsenal fans turned on him.

Sorry mate, but you leave yourself open to this every single time you speak.

What’s the french for ‘cunt’? Somehow va te faire enculer feels too mild…

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