What did Arsenal ever do to you, Reyes?

Mr Reyes is not only homesick, apparently he’s jealous of Ashley Cole and William Gallas in hogging the headlines for demanding transfers.

I mean – we know you don’t like to play in England, we know that you want to go to Spain, we get it.

Do you have to give desperate interviews to Spanish newspapers again and again and again?

Now in all fairness, this could be taken out of context. Reyes has made it a clear point that he’s happy with Arsenal and that his problems lie with his desire to go back home – he can’t settle in the English culture, that’s understandable and at his age (22) predictable as well. I suppose he could have tried a bit hader to fit in (and I’m sure that Arsenal as a club and his Arsenal team mates did their best to help him fit in, but if he’s not happy he’s not happy, what can you do about it?

Real Madrid should eventually come in and end his misery by paying Arsenal a bit less than what they want and more than what was originally offered. And the mystery – of why a player who has been supposedly given everything by Arsenal is so adamant for a move – will remain unclear. Would it have helped if Arsenal had won the Champions League?

Reyes is in his rights to want to move, but one, why the hell did you come to England then, and two, this really isn’t the way to go about a transfer mate.

Steven Naismith is going to be at Ashburton Grove for a couple of days – should be good experience for the kid and who knows, he could turn out to be a star for Arsenal.

In the last week Arsenal have been linked with Corinthians’ midfielder Javier Mascherano (a player they have been following since his River Plate days from where they reportedly tried and failed to sign him) and also with West Ham captain Nigel Reo-Coker.

Ashley Cole has told Wenger that he’d be happy to stay and work things out at Arsenal. The considerate chap (or cheeky ******, take your pick).

Rocky covers the Man City vs Arsenal game and asks a very pertinent question:

Why won’t they shoot?

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