WATCH: Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Weigh-In Leads to Scuffle


The much-anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 26th in Saudi Arabia. However, tensions have already reached boiling point, with the weigh-in on Saturday turning into a tense affair where words were exchanged between the two fighters and a scuffle ensued.

Paul and Fury Exchange Words and a Shove

At the weigh-in, Jake Paul took the opportunity to taunt Tommy Fury, claiming that he was scared to sign the official contract for this boxing match. However, this assertion was met with a heated response from Fury. He promised to knock Paul out and even went as far as calling him a “sh*thouse.”

The heated exchange came to an end when Fury shoved Paul and security separated the two.

It is worth noting that while Jake Paul has gained notoriety in recent years for his boxing exploits, he is not a professional boxer. In contrast, Love Island UK runner-up Tommy Fury has been a pro boxer since 2018 and has a more extensive record in the sport. However, despite this, bettors on BetOnline have made Jake Paul the favorite with odds of -150, while Tommy Fury has odds of +130.

Odds Sportsbook
Jake Paul -150 betonline
Tommy Fury
+130 betonline

The weigh-in was also attended by Tyson Fury, Tommy’s older brother and a world heavyweight champion in his own right. Tyson watched on from the sidelines in traditional Sheikh garb. Tyson Fury’s attendance is sure to add to the already high interest in the event.

Who Wins the Mind Games and the Fight?

The tension between the two fighters has only added to the excitement and anticipation around the fight. Fans on social media have been eagerly speculating about the outcome, with many divided on who will come out on top.

The exchange between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury at the weigh-in is just the latest in a series of verbal jabs that the two have traded in the lead-up to the fight. Additionally, both fighters have expressed their confidence in their abilities and their willingness to knock the other out. However, as we all know, there can only be one winner.

As the fight approaches, interest in the event continues to grow. Many fight fans are now looking forward to seeing how the two fighters will perform in the ring. Whether Jake Paul’s taunts at the weigh-in will give him an advantage or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – this fight promises to be an exciting and highly anticipated event for boxing fans around the world.

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