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The Pressures Of The Fickle Fan



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Javier Hernandez has enjoyed a breathtaking start to his Manchester United career, but it is quite unrealistic for the supporters to think that he is going to maintain his dazzling form.

The issue is not whether or Chicharito, as he is more commonly known as, can handle the pressure on the field, because we have seen that he is more than capable of that, but rather the unsightly demands off of it.

We have all seen how fair-weather fans can love you one minute, and then be on your case the next, because of the “What can you do for me now” mentality they possess.

Sadly, these fickle fans do not see the long-term picture, and it often ends in either heartache or disaster.

Because of the success, traditions and expectations at this club, United are more prone to have supporters who have this very nitpicking frame of mind, which means that young Chicharito now has to live up to the high standards that have been set out for him to become the next legend at Old Trafford.

However, the reality of it all is that Hernandez is only 11 games – five starts – into his United career, so fans to need to have honest, factual perspective for the boy.

Its quite unfair for people to heap the massive amounts of pressure on his young, maturing shoulders to be the next star, because he still needs time to settle into the English game.

Some unrealistic supporters have already compared him to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, because some striking similarities between the two – and even some of them calling Chicharito to don the No. 20 shirt that The Babyfaced-Assassin made legendary during his 11-year stay at Old Trafford.

Yes, he has an impressive goal scoring ratio – 6 goals, 11 matches – but the hard truth of the matter is that he will face a time of uncertainty when his goals dry up and the goal seems like it is two inches wide by two inches high.

When, not if, this happens, the fans need to continue to pat him on the back rather jump on it, because Hernandez can only bear so much burden at his young, tender age.


The media does a fantastic job these days of building players up, but as soon as they are not performing at the levels that they want or expect, these pundits will break them down twice as fast.

The viciousness and ferocity in these attacks can be quite detrimental to the development and progress of their careers, because, as we have seen with some, players do not have the wherewithal to handle this type of disparagement.

Because as we have seen with Wayne Rooney, no one is exempt from these scathing condemnations, and who is to say that this will not happen with the young Mexican?

Well, there is one person that will go to the ends of the earth to protect him from these abject assessments, and that person is no other than Sir Alex Ferguson.

The United boss has time and time again looked after each and every single one of his players from these acts of injustice by the ABU media.

The modern media has changed the sport forever with their attitude towards the players, because they treat them like they are their own personal pawns or play toys.

But with a father-like figure in Ferguson, a foreign player like Chicharito, coupled with a secluded place like Carrington, will be given every opportunity to excel and become the top-level player we all hope he is going to be.

The young, honest Mexican has some glowing characteristics about him that will allow him to shed some of this likely criticism as well.

The major quality, which should lend him helping hand to making him fulfill his potential is that Hernandez has a touch of naivety about him.

He knows that there is pressure to perform, but the 22-year old has not let that effect his early life at Old Trafford with complete composure.

Chicharito has a very likable demeanor, and has a look of innocence to match, which will also make it harder for the brash critics to take shots at him.

The genuineness that he has shown by kissing the United crest every time he has scored shows the respect that he has for the club’s tradition, and their adoring fan base as well.

A lot can be learned of an individual by the look in his yes, and with his green eyes, which is how he earned his nickname, “Little Pea,” Hernandez shows a great deal of humbleness and sincerity as well.

One attribute that Hernandez lacks, though, is arrogance, which is more than likely what led to eventual downfall of his potential strike partner, Rooney.

Sir Alex Ferguson might have unearthed his latest gem with Javier Hernandez, but the Manchester Untied supporters need to remember to get the sparkle on that precious stone to last they must properly take of it with some tender love and care.