Ten Premier League Milestones

  • 1. Manchester United are only six points short of earning 1500 in the Premier League. With an average of 2.15 points per game, Alex Ferguson’s side are unsurprisingly the most successful team in the league’s 17-year history.
  • 2. Kevin Davies needs to commit 34 more fouls to take his Premier League career total to 800. Ex-Middlebrough and Hull midfielder George Boateng is in a distant second place with 594.
  • 3. Everton are top of the Premier League disciplinary table with a total of 1018 yellow cards and 66 red cards over their 696 matches. Chelsea are, however, two red cards away from taking their spot.
  • 4. Arsenal are only one goal shy of reaching 1200 in the Premier League with Thierry Henry (174), Ian Wright (104), Dennis Bergkamp (87) and Robin van Persie (48) contributing to their current tally of 1199. Manchester United lead the way on 1374 though.
  • 5. Michael Owen needs three more goals to take his Premier League total to 150 and fifth place in the all-time standings. He would still be some way behind Robbie Fowler (163), Thierry Henry (174), Andrew Cole (187) and of course Alan Shearer (260).
  • 6. The race for 100 assists is between Ryan Giggs, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. They are currently on 90, 81 and 70 respectively.
  • 7. Tottenham have concede more goals than any other team in Premier League history. They have let in 934 goals in 696 matches. It will be quite a relegating feat to hit the 1000 mark this season.
  • 8. Ryan Giggs needs 26 more appearances this season to overtake David James’s current record 573 Premier League appearances.
  • 9. Richard Dunne of Aston Villa currently shares the record for being sent off the most with Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson. They have been sent off eight times. Dunne needs one more.
  • 10. Blackpool will become the 44th team to take part in the Premier League when they take on Wigan on the opening day of the season. Barnsley, Burnley and Swindon are the only teams of the current 43 to have only played a single season in the league.

There you have it. Can Davies get to 800 fouls? Can Giggsy can be the first player to reach 100 Premier League assists and become the most featured Premier League player? Or can Tottenham concede 66 goals while getting crushed under Champions League pressure?

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