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SquadGod Week 11



15 hours (or so) to go before gameweek 11 starts on SL fantasy football, so if you haven’t checked in and made the changes, now’s the time to do so.

Below: This week’s top 10, weekend picks and some info on the big game of the weekend.

Top 10

  1. Taron, 1320
  2. Al Nino, 1296
  3. LOK16, 1275
  4. jimmyriddler, 1265
  5. Vebor, 1258
  6. llango, 1252
  7. RedGlory, 1250
  8. Dinko, 1244
  9. Anthony Grady, 1233
  10. klinzi, 1212

The top 10 are separated by a little over than a 100 points (easily made up over the course of a couple of weeks) and in the middle of that list 7 people are separated by a little over 40 points. I’m still backing Taron here, although like the Premier League, ask me again in January.

Weekend Picks

SquadGod and FootballFanCast have teamed up to bring you a fantasy picks & predictions podcast – you can check it out here.

You can read our weekend predictions (thanks to the inimitable Gerry McDonnell) here (page goes live 3pm UK time on Friday, so check after that).

If you’re in a hurry, here are a couple of tips for this weekend.

Forwards: Agbonlahor (facing Derby), Anelka (facing West Ham) and Robbie Keane (in red-hot form).
Midfielders: Elano (facing Sunderland), Fabregas (can’t go wrong with him this season), Barry (facing Derby), N’Zogbia.
Defenders: Tough one, but I’d pick Laursen, Lescott and if you’re pushed, Clichy (only because Arsenal are at home).
Keepers: By this time you should have picked one of the top 3 (Cech, EVDS, Reina) but if you haven’t, make the investment so you have at least one steady source of points. Green has done well this season and is a cheap alternative as well.

Game of the Weekend – Arsenal vs Manchester United

A heads up – Arsenal v Manchester United, live on SL. If you can’t watch the game live, make sure you show up 10 minutes before kick off at the above link.