Soccerlens Fantasy Football 07/08 – Wrap-up, Winners and Prizes

Congratulations to Ilango for winning the inaugural Soccerlens Fantasy Football league. He overtook Spiral Architect (one of the earlier SL readers and a leader in the final months of the season), pushing him into 2nd place on the final day. Nig (Nicholas Aldam from FCB News) came in 3rd.

You can check the full table here (prize and next season info is below).

I’d like to thank the 200+ members who took part in the fantasy football league – we gave you guys only a couple of days of head start to sign up and register but a lot of people joined up and that helped give us some depth in numbers and produced an interesting ‘title race’ (certainly the big four won’t be set in stone next year, will they?) with different players taking the top spot at different times.

A special thanks to Subside Sports for sponsoring the fantasy football league, and to SquadGod for managing it. Hopefully they’ll be around next season and we’ll have more time to promote it, so we can hit 500 members and make it more interesting with many more prizes.

Ah yes, the big prize. As I said at the start of the season, the big prize at stake was USD 500, so, Ilango, do send me an email through this form so I can have the money sent your way.

To everyone else, thank you for playing and I hope you’ll join us next season. We plan to make this much bigger, with more coverage and more prizes (we had planned to give away a few shirts this season but that didn’t work out as expected).

If you’re interested in taking part next season, go here and sign up!

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