Arsenal can’t spend, Liverpool smell conspiracies, somersault throwins and more

Today’s roundup is brought to you by the funkiest football shoes known to man.

Before we start, some perspective – all football rankings are bunk. Some are just better explained than others, but in essence it’s just bullshit. All that counts is how much fun you can have in taunting your opponents after beating them senseless / milking your brother’s success as a footballer to pull / using ‘pre-match ritual’ and ‘for luck’ as an excuse to get laid before you go out on an evening of drinking and acting like an ass.

The rest? Who cares unless you win?

On to today’s linkage and what not:

    • Arsenal were the football club to profit the most from Euro 2008. That 732k would be good to buy another 16-year old from a farm in Sweden but I think this time around Arsene dare not leave the Grove for fear of Gallas being beaten by a mob / Fabregas packing up and leaving.


    • Liverpool are under the impression that the Spanish national team are deliberately injuring Fernando Torres. Presumably this, and the persistent pursuit of Fabregas and Ronaldo by Spanish clubs, is Spain’s way of getting back at English clubs for beating them in Europe in recent years.Or maybe Rafa Benitez has gotten tired of trimming his beard and needs a new hobby? Conspiracy theories (or theories of any kind) were never his strong point…


    • How To Do A SomerSault Throw-In – SERIOUSLY!


    • A nifty list of all 08/09 La Liga kits, club by club. Thanks for putting this together Brad.


    • Reuters mix up the Webster and the Bosman rulings. If they’re getting it wrong, how do they expect the fans to follow the plot?


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