Sergi Samper to Arsenal: ‘Everything is a big lie’

Sergi Samper
Sergi Samper

Sergi Samper

Transfer window can be tedious at times. It is too repetitive and sometimes you find it really hard to frame an angle to the story. Most of the time it is the same old story being rehashed every where. 

Apart from the official confirmations or deals that are being agreed, which gives something to discuss about, I personally find interest when any reputed journalist contradicts any report that have created a sensation in the transfer market. Take for example, Sergi Samper’s rumoured move to Arsenal. 

Only couple of days ago, Mundo Deportivo, a Catalan based newspaper, published a big story on Arsenal’s interest in Sergi. Big in the sense, not only it was featured on the front page but Mundo devoted two more pages to the story, covering it from various angles. Surely, there was something in it. 

According to the report from Mundo, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who has tried to sign Sergi before, is seemingly interested in signing the Barcelona midfielder in the summer again. The Gunners are looking to trigger his release clause, thought to be in the region of €12m. The player has been informed that he won’t be a part of the first team next year at Barcelona. You can read the full article here

Kiko Marin, a reputed journalist, working for El Confiencial, has tweeted this: 

Summary of the El Confidencial report, in bullet form:

  • Samper’s father and the player himself ‘regret’ for not moving to Arsenal back in 2011 (when Bellerin & Toral joined as well).
  • They feel like Pere Guardiola, the player’s agent and, of course, Pep’s brother, didn’t work in the interest of the family.

  • Now, however, Arsenal don’t want him. They feel it’s too late, that he can’t be “formed” into the player Arsene wants him to be.

  • Arsenal even contacted Barcelona to let them know the story was utter rubbish and they had no intention of signing the player. They don’t want to lose the good, professional relationship that exists between the two clubs.

  • After Samper realised that it was going to be too difficult to play in the 1st side, he now wants out. The problem is, no one wants him.

Andrew Gaffney, our resident La Liga expert notes:  Not convinced by the last part at all. I’d expect a lot of interest in him but perhaps not from the truly elite clubs. He will probably needs to leave on loan this summer and then, if he performs well, will have more options to choose from.

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