Arsenal star reveals why he snubbed Manchester United

Aaron Ramsey
Aaron Ramsey

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey was close to joining Manchester United in 2008, but the Welsh midfielder snubbed Sir Alex in favour of Arsenal.

Ramsey revealed that the prime reason behind his decision was Arsene Wenger.

Aaron Ramsey Arsenal: Wenger was the reason he snubbed Manchester United
Aaron Ramsey Arsenal: Wenger was the reason he snubbed Manchester United

Ramsey stated that Wenger’s dedication and commitment towards young players is phenomenal and that gave him the confidence to join Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsey News: Player admires Arsene Wenger

“He [Wenger] likes to get young kids with talent and natural ability and turn them into world-class players,” Ramsey said.

“He’s done that on many occasions in the past – he’ll continue doing that. His experience, knowing how to deal with [young players] is quite remarkable.

“He gets his satisfaction from seeing them develop as a player – and as a person as well – and gives them information on the pitch, and opportunities to go out there, play, and express themselves”.

Arsenal News: Wenger’s ability second to none

Wenger’s ability to develop young talent is second to none. Over the years, the Frenchman has not only revolutionized the English game, but has nurtured several young talents and gas turned them into world class players.

Further, Ramsey claimed that he would like to captain Arsenal full time and has enjoyed captaining the national team for a while now.

Aaron Ramsey Transfer: Future lies in Spain?

The Arsenal midfielder also stated that he was flattered with the Barcelona links this summer and would love to go and play in Spain some day.

“Obviously it’s very flattering,” he said. “They did the treble last year and it’s just really nice to be linked with one of the best clubs in the world.

“One day I would like to go over to Spain to play just to see what it’s like and to experience that. But at the moment I’m with Arsenal and I feel like this Arsenal team can go and be successful and challenge for things.”

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