Premier League tops Europe’s travel income list, La Liga third


The Premier League is not just the most popular and entertaining European football league, it also has a massive impact on the travel industry in the United Kingdom. It helps generate more revenue than any other European football league.



The Premier League generates around £447,688,000 per year and boasts 14 million spectators, of which roughly 1,379,000 are away fans.

The 13 host cities generate huge sums of money in the region of £5,836,000.00 and £134,337,000 thanks to the money spent on transport, accommodation, and food & beverages.


The Premier League impacts London’s economy more than any other city in Britain. The capital city is home to 5 of the 20 Premier League clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham and West Ham) and the millions of away fans coming into the city every week generate nearly £135m for London’s economy.


The research conducted took into consideration the costs of national & local transport, accommodation and food & beverages. However, it did not take the cost of tickets into account.

The various sources that helped collate the data were VisitBritain and UNWTO data, BBC Price of Football findings, local public transport prices, along with GoEuro’s own Accommodation, Beer, and Urban Transit Price Indexes.


The research also revealed the distance travelled by the fans of certain clubs along with the distance between Stadiums in the Premier League. Newcastle United fans have had to travel the furthest, covering 9,000 miles this season.


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