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Open letter to the Seleção and Brazilian football fans



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Dear players and readers,

It seems to me that our world has forgotten the meaning of the word loyalty and for that I seek to remind you of its definition.

Loyalty – the state or quality of being loyal: faithfulness to commitments or obligations, faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause or in our case a specific team, “Brazil”.

It seems to me that we appreciated and supported our team whilst the hope for earning that trophy was still in view but now that our dreams of being crowned World Cup champions for the sixth time have been shattered in a mere few minutes we became hypocritical. Criticizing, humiliating and belittling our beloved players as if they had not accomplished anything, as if to us they meant nothing.

Is that love? Is this loyalty? Is this what we teach our kids today? To leave behind, criticize and mock persons that have fallen along the way when they need us the most? Where is the love, where is the unity that our country claim to possess? Have you forgotten how you felt when you had let down someone a friend, your mother or someone important to you? How much more is this different?

These wonderful players have been faced with the burden of loss not just for themselves or their team or coach but for an entire country. So how could we criticize our players, those we claim to love so dear. People of Brazil – when was the last time you had your countries hopes on your shoulder? Never? If you were to walk in anyone of these men’s shoes on that pitch, could you fill it? Could you perform?

For most of us, be realistic we cannot. Realize now that you are in no position to jeer or criticize any of these men. While tomorrow you go back to your daily lives, they will need to seek the comfort of therapy to try to get over what will haunt them forever. Forget their social status, they are men and at times we fail, have we thought one if not all of them have been sick or even tired? What are they incapable of feeling? Machines perhaps? I’m yet to see some of us running around for fifty minutes without a drink of water.

I look at our boys on the field, they might not have played in their normal fashion or perhaps they did, we’ll never know, but the one thing I’m sure off is that their hearts was placed out on the line for us and instead of fixing what was left we broke them with our inconsideration. It is unfair to state that our boys have embarrassed us in this world cup, yes the margin might be long 7-1, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt, how much so did it hurt them when at the end of the day football is their livelihood.

It is inconsiderate to state that Brazil is nothing without Neymar and Silva, the truth is Neymar and Silva are nothing without Brazil. Can these two boys win a match all by themselves against an entire team? No it takes teamwork, some might be better than others but it’s a team effort. This is not noted to belittle these two tremendous players that have fascinated me on many levels, I have learned to love every player on that team equally but when we lost confidence in our team the day Neymar was taken out due to injury and Silva a yellow card, our players lost confidence in themselves all because we failed to support and encourage.

Win or lose we need to support to the end because that is what love is. Love is kind and considerate and thoughtful. My dear people do not be down-spirited this journey has just began and there’s more to look forward too. Let’s be grateful that we made it in the top four. Let’s give thanks in everything. We are still Champions.

To my wonderful players you have my love and support and I will continue to wear my Brazilian Jacket with absolute pride. Much Love and congratulations for a job well done.

Written by Soccerlens.com reader Amanda Japal.