Luis Suarez ordered to train alone as Liverpool outcast faces Rodgers’ fury

luis Suarez
luis Suarez

Luis Suarez’ attempt to put pressure on Liverpool by showing his public outburst has backfired and now the Uruguayan faces the wrath of manager Brendan Rodgers and other severe consequences.

Luis Suarez

The striker will be told by the club to train separately away from the squad, while Rodgers has accused him of showing “total lack of respect.”

Suarez in an interview with Guardian said that he has had a verbal commitment from Rodgers, where he was ensured of a swift exit to other clubs, if Liverpool fails to make the cut for the Champions League places, which puts him now as a victim of broken promises from the club.

Rodgers has refuted such claims and said as quoted by The Guardian: “There were no promises made – categorically none – and no promises broken. The club and his representatives had several conversations and he knew exactly where he was at.”

However, verbal commitments hardly have any value. What must have gone against Suarez is his claims that there was a written contract that allows him to move elsewhere if any buying club offers more than £40 million. As a result of which, he accused the club of breaching the contract as Liverpool rejected a bid from Arsenal who had lodged £40 million plus £1 for Suarez.

His confident claims were shattered to dust when PFA chief Gordon Taylor revealed that Liverpool’s interpretation of the clause is justified and the club is not obliged to sell the striker to anybody if £40 million offer is placed on the table. He said:

“If you are going to have a supposed buyout clause, it should be that but it is different as it says, ‘If there is no qualification for the Champions League and if there is a minimum offer of £40m, then the parties will get around the table to discuss things.”

“But it does not say the club has to sell. It quite clearly states £40m is a minimum offer for discussions but it becomes really difficult with such clauses.”

Having supported the player thick and thin, his disrespectful outburst has forced Liverpool to break all patience. Rodgers not only dealt the matter with great adroitness but ensured the moral virtues – The Liverpool Way – upon which the clubs stands still remain strong as ever.

The big question from here on is – What next for Luis Suarez and Arsenal? The player is left with no other options than to change his stance, apologize may be and get back to good books of the manager again. Even if he takes the matter to the Premier League, he won’t be able to force through a move in the summer, provided he wins the battle of arguments, which doesn’t seem likely.

As for the Gunners, the situation remains same for them. The Londoners will have to dish out £55 million for the striker; else can forget about any chance of negotiations.

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