“Were Still In It” / Keeper Annoyed With Lack Of Chances

Afternoon all, we had to go without any Premier League games at the weekend, because of the international break. Maybe if England played good football, I wouldn’t mind. At least Wilshere  is in the squad.

Now onto the news.

There’s not much of it, because of the International break, but here goes.

Jack Wilshere, has spoken out over Arsenal’s title chances after the 2-0 lose against Chelsea.

Wilshere told the club’s official website:

“It’s still early days, we’re definitely still in it.

“I know we are seven points behind, but I think Chelsea will definitely drop points and we’ve just got to capitalise when they do.

“Hopefully there aren’t too many injuries (ahead for us) but if there are we’ve got a big squad and we can cope.”

I completely agree with Wilshere, because Chelsea will drop points, unlike the invincibles, they are beatable and will be beaten. When and how many times is another question. But we need to forget Chelsea, and play our own game. There is a long way to go yet and we have every chance of bringing the Premier League trophy home.

Now onto the final news of the day.

Italian stopper, Vito Mannone, has spoke out over his frustration of lack of games. Last year, Vito played 9 games. And in those 9 games, we didn’t lose one. Three of those games, were a 3-2 win over Standard Liege, a 4-0 win over Wigan and a 1-0 win over Fulham. In the 1-0 win over Fulham, he picked up the man of the match and he described his performance as the highlight of his career.

“I am happy in London,” he said in Gazzetta dello Sport. “I love the Premier League.

“Last year I played nine games and with me, Arsenal never lost.

“They brought Almunia back and then Fabianski started in the game at Chelsea“Were Still In It” / Keeper Annoyed With Lack Of Chances

“I get annoyed when I don’t play, it’s not as if the other two do that well.

“But if I’ve signed a contract extension until 2014 it is because they must value me.”

“I would consider a six-month loan deal just to play.”

I would love to see Mannone starting against the Brummies on Saturday,  because we know and I’m sure Wenger knows, Mannone is a fantastic shot stopper. Notice how I put shot stopper though.

He isn’t the best at crosses, and he could be louder on the pitch, but that would all come with match experience.

Well that’s your lot! Told you weren’t much news.

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Taken from GoonerSOnline

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