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If ever there is a time to push football it is when the dark nights draw in and the jackets go on. Push football? I know, we all watch it; comment; log on; and couch surf our way through hundreds of hours of football. Yet, the number of us playing the sport can always grow.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with those of us who chose to watch instead of lace up. Encouragement to participate is never a bad thing though, so the FA and Mars are teaming up to get 150,000 new participants into football by 2013. With 100 ‘Just Play‘ Centres promised by the end of 2011, you can hardly turn them down.

That is exactly what Just Play is, the initiative to get out there and play football. You don’t have to be good or competitive, the idea is to play and enjoy football. Just Play is all about adults and will make a positive impact on an area of the grassroots game that is often overlooked. That is possibly where previous “schemes” from head-office have missed the target.

If you’re interested, then search Just Play and book a kick-about at your nearest centre.

Each centre will be staffed by specially trained organisers, delivering casual football sessions that can benefit up to 50 participants at any one time. To book a session go online or turn up and Just Play.

There isn’t really a reason not to, it costs just £3 on average to participate in a Just Play session and there are hundreds going on all over the country. So what are you waiting for? Just Play!

Interview and videography by Laurence McKenna.

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