Is Milner The Man For City?

This transfer window so far has been fascinating! With the expected rumors that naturally come with a world cup year, so far there has been little substance to it. Of course Manchester City and Barcelona are knee deep in the market pursuing whoever they choose, but they could well be buying for the sake of it. I mean is Fabregas needed at Barcelona after already showing at the world cup that he can’t displace Xavi or Inesta out of a midfield.

Man City are  the real powerhouse now in the world with a seemingly bottomless pit of money, already having ‘swooped’ for Toure, Kolarov, Silva and Boateng, now they are intent on James Milner but why?

No question Miner is a quality player, I’m a huge fan, and he showed definite glimpses of at the world cup but what can he offer city. Playing out wide he lacks pace and the ability to beat a player at ease, good on both feet and can deliver a decent ball but he’s no David Beckham! This I believe is why Martin O’Neill migrated him inside to the industrious midfielder he has become at Aston Villa.

Which is why City do not need him, they are chock-full of hard working tireless midfielders who can pick a pass or destroy a midfield over and above Milner with the likes of Barry, De Jong and Viera to name a few.

To win in football and to progress transfers are meant to bring in players superior to the ones already at your disposal and Milner just doesn’t look like he will do that, granted he’s a good player at a decent club but he’s not the world class talent that will win matches and trophies, in effect he will become a luxury squad player and no matter how much cash you splash 30 million is a CRAZY price for that.

It’s supposedly reported that Milner has become their main target now over Torres. Now to put it simply Torres can walk into the European and world champions at relative easy, even off form, but would the Villa man even make the squad?

Like I have said about many players in the past who have made the big move to one of the ‘giant’ clubs, he’s a brilliant player at a good club but just another player at a world class club. In Effect he is the best of the rest and City really need the best of the best to fulfill their current ambition…

I wonder if Mancini or the owners are really managing the team.

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