Is Chelsea really as good as the results suggest?

Will Chelsea will falter?

Chelsea have started the season in white hot form, literally scoring goals for fun. Every player looking like a well oiled cog in their ruthless pulverizing machine. The boys in blue are making it look so easy as they have brushed teams aside scoring 21 goals in their first 5 games and only conceding once. At times this has been done without their talismanic Lampard and Terry.

Malouda has found fantastic form netting 5 times already and Essien is showing even more to his game as he is now bursting forward to score, Frank Junior must be worried about getting back into the side when he recovers from injury. You will always know when Chelsea are dominating when Ashley Cole is playing as a left winger spending most of his time in the opposition half.

With the beginning of the season starting to get into full swing, as teams look to banish the question marks hanging over them Chelsea look to be the only ones to have done this.

Manchester United look extraordinarily short of depth and need Berbatov to retain his current form. Whereas on the other side of the city at Eastlands there is a wealth of talent, so much so they struggled to select their 25 man squad but they still don’t look like a ‘team’.

Liverpool have got themselves a good man in charge in Roy Hodgson but have a weak team having lost Mascherano out of the middle. Over at the Emirates, Arsenal are the same old same old, are they big enough? Are they tough enough?

Chelsea seem to look unstoppable but their real test starts this week having had an easy start to the season, only scoring 4 at home to Blackpool was somewhat of a disappointment. This weekend they will be ready to try and blow Manchester City out of the water followed by Arsenal and Aston Villa.

Let’s not start awarding them the League just yet, but would you bet against them winning those games? I don’t think we can judge Chelsea before 10 games in. At the moment they’ve played some decidedly weak teams such as Wigan, West Ham and West Brom. A lot of people think it’s easy to look very good against this quality of opposition, but then you can only beat what’s in front of you. That’s not to say they won’t still be top after 10 games but they will have played a more demanding outfits such as the above mentioned City and Arsenal.

The loss they sustained against Newcastle (Carling Cup) was a tremendous viewing experience and Chelsea were a posts width from winning it with ten men and a severely weakened side. I think it was one the Gods were just on Newcastle side for. Unfortunately for the rest of the Premier League this may well just give Chelsea more drive and focus in the league without the cup distractions.

I think it’s fair to say Chelsea will have a ‘bad’ patch every team does at some stage in the season. The other teams have got to be ready to pounce if and when this happens.

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