Henry: I’m not a diver. World: Yeah right.

Seeing the Arsenal captain, legend and top goalscorer Thierry Henry dive last night after he ‘ran into Puyol’ was a scene right out of Hollywood mystery movies – where the whiter-than-white hero suddenly turns evil and the audience is left shocked, ashamed, outraged and more cynical for the experience.

Rocky Dixon may disagree but video replays are conclusive – with Henry running for the ball, Puyol cut across him and blocked his way. A foul? Hardly. Henry ran smack into Puyol and as a result of that contact Puyol’s elbow hit Henry in the chest.

Henry immediately pulled a rivaldo – that is, he fell to the ground clutching his face until the ref blew the whistle. Surely enough, Henry had won France a free kick and in the process gotten his revenge on Puyol. Barca, and Spain, took the Champions League title home this summer. Henry, and France, look to take the World Cup home from Germany.

But before they can do that, they meet old foes Brazil in the quarter-finals. Zidane will remember 98, and so will Ronaldo. That one promises to be a classic.

Till then though, the world will hear Henry’s claims that he did not dive and the audience will be saying ‘yea right’…

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