Henry Dives Again, Arsenal Fans Say: He’s Playing For France!

It’s the 32nd minute, Thierry Henry is put through in in the Portugal penalty area when Ricardo Carvalho goes for the ball. It’s not a smart tackle, and catches Henry on the shin. For a split second Henry is suspended in the air – as if he can recover his balance and then the Arsenal striker finds it much easier to fall to the ground. The ref blows the whistle, and another Henry assist leads to a French goal.

You want to know to know what real class is?

Zidane in the 42nd minute on the right flank camped in Portugal’s half, skipped over a two-footed lunge when most other players would have gone down in the hope of getting the opposition player carded or even sent off.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, read this post first. Read my comments towards the very end. I like Henry, and I admire him for his talents. But if he is going to resort to falling down so easily under challenges, then at least everyone should know about it.

And for the fkn record, Cristiano Ronaldo is a diver as well. I’m not going to argue that he dove under pressure because his side was a goal behind – the man would have taken a dive anyway.

Myles Palmer from Arsenal News Review had this gem of a statement while comparing Franc Ribery with Cristiano Ronaldo:

“What Cristiano Ronaldo promises, Ribery delivers.” (here’s the link to the full article).

I figure Ribery is better at diving than Ronaldo too. He surely looked way more accomplished than Ribery.

To be fair on Ribery though, he didnt get a free kick when he was legitimately fouled towards the end of the first half.

Ronaldo has had a good game, even though he has been booed every time he’s had the ball. Along with Maniche, Figo and Deco the four looked capable of scoring before that penalty.

Update: Portugal players have resorted to diving (even Ronaldo), but hey, they’re not as good as Henry and Ribery, are they? Of course not.

And Ronaldo is having an amazing game, with Barthez looking very, very shaky.

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