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In the 1-1 vital draw against Valencia, Wayne Rooney put in a very disciplined, workman-like performance, which should signify that he is committed to the Manchester United cause.

Critics always say that, “actions speak louder than words,” so that tireless performance that he put in will certainly do no harm as he attempts to chip away at the protective shell to earn a place in the United supporter’s guarded hearts once again.

Everyone is well aware that time heals all wounds, and the acceptance of him will definitely not happen over night – or after three short games – but a Man of the Match performance in either of United’s next two matches will with doubt serve as a fast-acting healing ointment.

Since his return to the United line-up, Rooney has steadily improved on each of his performances as he attempts to shake off the rust from being out of action for well over a month.

Rooney scored a decisive goal – albeit a penalty – which ultimately helped United secure the pole position in their respective UEFA Champions League group, and then provided a couple of assists in the thumping win against Blackburn in the Barclays Premier League.

His performance against Valencia categorically warranted a goal or an assist, and on any other day, Rooney would have padded his growing statistics, but the woodwork prevented him from scoring a wonder goal, and then some very poor finishing from his teammates on multiple occasions saw him fail to register an assist after great vision to spring them free of their defenders.

There is no doubt that game by game Rooney’s sharpness will increase, so it should not be very long until the United supporters and the rest of football world sees the player who scored a measly 34 goals last term.

Unfortunately, Rooney has gone through a very bad patch, both personally and professionally, and with his prominent position it was intensely magnified by the invasive media, and being completely misguided by a his greedy agent, Paul Stretford.

Either way, the United center forward is clearly showing telling signs that he is committed to United once again – and for the long-term.

The apology he offered up a couple weeks ago was as sincere as it was going to be, because he knows that he has to let his work out on the pitch do the talking – unless, of course, he is summoned for a post-match interview.

In the same interview, Rooney admitted that he knows that some of the hard-nose supporters will never chant his name ever again, as well as there being fans that have already crumbled to show their forgiveness as well.

But the majority of the United fans are level-headed, which means that they will cheer when he scores a goal for the team, but they will remain grounded and watch, and dissect, his actions with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that they do not get burnt again.

Deep down we should all understand that Rooney, or any other player for that matter, has too much pride to beg for the supporters’ forgiveness, so we should all accept it for what its worth, because at least he apologize, and we know that most modern-day players never admit when they were in the wrong.

None of the supporters can be fault either way, because they honestly love the club very deeply, and will always take the side of United – no matter what the name reads on the back of the red shirt.

As mentioned before, the memories of what he what he said will never be forgotten, but if he continues to play with determination and dedication then they can be shelved.

Rooney, who just turned 25, was a taught very harsh lesson that he would never be bigger than the club, but, thankfully, he learned that before he exited the Old Trafford doors.

As everyone knows, there has been only a select few who have left United to enjoy the same amenities and success that the club offers.

No matter if he went to Spain, or across the city, Wayne would have certainly come to regret his decision, because when the country’s fickle fans and media turn their hatred, or chorus of boos towards him for them failing once again, he will still have the protection of 70-plus thousand that will adore him like he was their first born child.

This is not the first time and will not be the last time that Old Trafford has served as well-guarded bunker for a star that the media has come to hate, and it certainly won’t be the last, either.

So what he said does stand true, Sir Alex Ferguson’s cow is not only bigger and better than all of the rest, but it also serves as a watchdog to protect all of Manchester United’s young calves on the greenest pasture of all at Old Trafford.

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