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Wayne Rooney has decided to sign a new five-year deal at Manchester United to produce one of the most intense, and dramatic emotional roller coasters in the history of the sport.

The news of Rooney signing a new contract has to be one of the most amazing, and shocking, u-turns in football, and it comes to do one thing: Sir Alex Ferguson.

The man is an absolute legend, because he has completely conjured up a stroke of genius to outwit one of the most dangerous agents this sport has to offer in Paul Stretford.

It was said last night by one of tabloid journalists, Shawn Custis, who covers Manchester United for The Sun, that Stretford always gets what he wants – no matter what, because his very sly and stubborn and waits until he gets what he wants.

Well, Mr. Stretford let me introduce you to Sir Alex Ferguson, a man that is one of the most genuine people in the sport, and his education was not from Oxford, but a shipyard.

One thing that needs to be mentioned, though, he is stubborn old Scot, who has never backed down from one confrontation in his life, and he will never

Sir Alex might as well just go back to his office and drink one of the finest bottles of wine ahead of today’s training session, because the man deserves it, and every United fan should chip in to pick up the tab of that bottle as well.

Well done, Sir Alex. Well done, Manchester United.

Now, for you Mr. Rooney, you have one hell of a task on your plate because you not only have to lead the next generation of players into the future, but you have to win back the support of the United supporters.

The first one will be cake, because your boss has an eye for talent, but the second of the two is going to be your greatest challenge of your career – and that is a promise.

You saw first hand what happens when players cross the supporters the other night with the banners, “Coleen may have forgiven you, but we won’t,” or the “You Scouse B*****d” chants, because no one player will ever be bigger than this club.

Take a step back to last season when you cheaply gave the ball away at Hull City, which led to an equalizer, but then you knuckled down and put in a match-winning performance by inspiring and creating two goals.

Well, that may have been tiresome and a fantastic way to redeem yourself, but now you will have to do that for the next couple of months – or years – in attempts to win back the supporters.

You must understand something, though, some will never forgive you because you burnt us, and burnt us bad.

All could and can be forgiven if you single-handedly lead us to another European Cup, but in all sincerity, we must get behind him again and know that we are thankful that he has decided – with a little encourage from the Boss – that making history is more important than making money.

Manchester City probably were offering him three times what he would be making at United, but being an integral part and leading what some are calling unworthy players at United is somewhat irresistible.

Yes, Nemanja Vidic is the long-term captain of United, but the club needs leaders all over the field, and Rooney is, and can be, one of those other figure heads.

This day will live long in each and every Manchester United supporters mind, not because the club got another one over on their neighbors, but because that Sir Alex Ferguson has pinned another feather in his cap.

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