Eto’o goes to – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United?

I’m hoping to get a good discussion going on the chances of Eto’o going to each club – please let everyone know what you think in the comments section at the end of this article.

By now, Samuel Eto’o has been linked with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Liverpool because they have money, Chelsea because they have money and Arsenal because they have Thierry Henry. Strangely enough, Manchester United (the club needing a striker the most) are not mentioned, even though they’ve been linked with Deco and Xavi (the later rumour started by fans themselves) on several occasions.

The ‘problems’ with Eto’o are not new – as Myles said the other day at ANR what we’re seeing these days is a public face of festering unrest in the Barca dressing room since last season. Ronaldinho’s cult status, his privileges, Eto’o ego and the fact that Ronny’s getting fat all combine to create a strong internal divide. Much as I’d like Barcelona to return to their pomp and play their brand of football again Eto’o is not a man to compromise.

So he will probably leave – and if he does, he could come to the Premiership’s top 4 clubs. He’d start at all four clubs, without a doubt.

Chelsea’s chances with Eto’o

Can Chelsea accomodate Drogba, Shevchenko and Eto’o in the same lineup, one that plays 4-5-1 much better than it does 4-4-2? Eto’o and Drogba in attack would be a frightening proposition, but it would consign Sheva permanently to the bench. What does Roman want?

Arsenal’s chances with Eto’o

On the surface Arsenal hold the ace of spades – Henry – in this transfer circle. However, Henry’s said no to Barcelona last season and got pretty pissed at them as well, so this one is not done and dusted yet. Will Arsenal sell Henry? I said they should’ve done so last year – this year they won’t get as good a price for him, even if they do pawn him off.

Liverpool’s chances with Eto’o

They have money and are expected to make one big purchase for a striker this summer – Villa was supposedly the top target but with Eto’o Liverpool merely have more options.

Will Eto’o go to Liverpool? If he had an offer from Chelsea, I doubt it.

Peter Crouch is the most likely casualty of an Eto’o signing.

Manchester United’s chances with Eto’o

One, I don’t see why United haven’t been linked to him yet. Is it because they think Torres is a done deal? I doubt that Torres is guaranteed to come, and if Eto’o is definitely on the market Ferguson will move for him, even though I would prefer someone like Klose so we can easily rotate with Rossi and Saha (instead of one player wanting to hog the limelight all the time.

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