Draft11 Review – A New Fantasy Football Team Each Week


Every year, I push myself to make a fantasy soccer side. Usually based around the English Premier League, I pick my side that is going to see me top the world. And then I leave it. This year, I still have Olivier Giroud in the team, despite him being injured until the turn of the year. Sometimes I want the fantasy experience, be it the glory of bragging to my mates or sitting for an hour, scouring statistics to make the correct choice. But for long stretches of the season, I don’t want to micro manage my fantasy side, and this often ruins the whole season for me.

Luckily, Draft11.com is a fantasy soccer platform that suits people like me. There is no season long commitment; you can play on whichever match day you choose, picking a squad for a single weekend to battle out against other entrants into the competition you enter. If you have a poor result one week then it doesn’t scar you for a season, you just pick a new squad next week!

Draft11.com is able to blend what many love about fantasy soccer with many new features that make the game more intuitive. Goals and assists are counted and you still name a captain for double points after picking a team that has to fit under a ‘salary cap’, much like any other fantasy platform. However passes, crosses, interceptions and a host of other stats are also included that may mark a good performance. As always, it is about prioritizing which stats are most valuable and how to pick your players around that theory, but it does at least give some viability to players who may not often be picked in other formats.

Players can always play for free, but for those who wish to put their money where their mouth is, cash competitions are available where prizes can be won! They work on an entry fee format, where one pays to get into the competition and wins rewards if the team’s performance does well enough to merit it. This is another added dynamic that can make fantasy soccer that bit more exciting, either as a wager between friends or a straight competition with other keen fans.

The English Premier League and Champions League competitions offer the full range of point scoring and deducting methods. Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga games are also on offer. Being able to dip and dive into different leagues across the same platform is a huge bonus for fans of the game that aren’t just tied to one particular league.

Live scoring is available via Stats Inc. so you are able to keep track of your team from the outset, which is especially important when your attention could well be diverted between numerous games. An intuitive scoring system, cash prizes and the ability to play only when you really want to make Draft11.com a great alternative to traditional fantasy soccer fans from all over the world. Signing up is easy and free, so give it a try out on the next match day!

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