Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal – Goal Videos

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The goals will be an afterthought tomorrow morning when Arsenal and Chelsea fans wake up and reflect on today’s final. Terry’s injury should take the headlines and I hope he gets well soon, but what will be talked about for far longer than is necessary is the scuffle near the end of the game.

Shameful, pointless and a sight that’s becoming too common in football now.

On to the goals.

The first one was extremely well-taken and the culmination of 10-12 minutes of constant pressure by Arsenal on Chelsea. Walcott will be proud of it, and England and Arsenal fans will be hoping he can keep it up.

For the second goal, Drogba looked just onside from the side angle, but a replay from above showed him to be marginally offside. Unfortunate for Arsenal.

The third goal – typical Robben and Drogba. Quality by Chelsea, but that’s it.

Arsenal will cry foul, but they shouldn’t. The young players played well, and they should take a lot of pride from this showing and believe they can win more as a team. Getting into a bitch-fest will not help anyone.

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