Cesc Fabregas: “We’ll bring trophies to Arsenal!”

Captains Fabregas and Gerrard were tapped up by the lads mag Nuts (out this week) to talk about their chances this season ahead of the big Arsenal v Liverpool clash that takes place today.

This is Fabregas’s interview with Nuts – you can read Gerrard’s piece here.

Hi Cesc! Do you honestly believe Arsenal can still win the Premier League title?
We have to believe, to be positive. The most important thing is that we stick together and play like we know we can.

Critics say that Arsenal are too lightweight to compete with the top sides.
That’s up to them! I’m on the inside and know the quality we have. Look at the squad – so young but an amazing generation of players. Yes, we’re eager to win things but the manager is building something important and that often takes time.

What’s more important – attractive football or winning trophies?
I honestly believe we can do both. The philosophy at Arsenal is about passing, moving forward all the time and creating chances, and that spirit runs through the club.

Who wouldn’t enjoy playing in this environment?
I’m confident we’ll bring trophies to the Emirates soon. To win the Premier League would be one of the best days of my life.

Every season, we hear you’re going to Barcelona. Any truth in the rumours?
I’ve said many times, probably too many times, that Arsenal have a special place in my heart. I owe them a lot and to be captain of the club means everything. It’s an honour. My commitment to Arsenal has never changed, despite what other people may say.

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