Brazilian League: Bruno goes from champion goalkeeper to probable convict

Now that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is history (by the way congratulations to Spain for getting a spot among our select club of world champions) we can go back to our local leagues, transfer rumors and criminal athletes.

I’m itching to start writing about the top leagues in South America here at Soccerlens but I can’t start any football talk before I recap and put you up to date with the case of the “killerkeeper”.

Some of you might have already read the story somewhere but if you haven’t here is a quick summary: 25-year old Flamengo’s goalkeeper Bruno has been jailed as the master mind behind the killing of Eliza Samudio. Bruno had an affair with Eliza which resulted in her pregnancy and the birth of a baby boy who’s now 4-months old. But if you are thinking about a moment of insanity in which he shoved her a little and she smashed her head to hard, or a heated argument resulting in a gunshot or stabbing then you’d better sit down because the story is much more horrific than that.

Let’s go back a little and understand the whos and whats of this stain in Brazilian football history.

Bruno: The young goalkeeper started his professional career playing for Atlético-MG in Belo Horizonte. After a quick period with Corinthians in 2006 Bruno landed in Flamengo’s goal that same year and has been their number 1 ever since. He helped the famous Red & Black squad to win three state championships and was one of the main leaders of the team who lift the national league title in 2009.

Bruno, like the vast majority of Brazilian footballers came from poor background. But made his way to the highest level of the national sport and for some respected critics should’ve been in Dunga’s team that went to South Africa. Maybe Eliza would still be alive had he gone to the World Cup.

Eliza Samudio: The beautiful Brazilian brunette was born in Paraná, in the South region of Brazil. Some say she was a good person, others state that she was an escort girl and a true gold digger or as they say in Brazil “Maria Chuteira” (something that could freely translate like “Mary Cleats Seeker”). She definitely liked the attention and made sure to let people know about he alleged affairs with football players (she even claims on a video interview to have had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo).

In 2009 Eliza told Bruno she was expecting a child and he was the father. Despite Bruno’s requests for the pregnancy to be terminated she went through with it and the baby was born early this year.

The Case:

June 4, 2010

Eliza disappears after meeting with Bruno in Belo Horizonte to discuss the DNA test she legally requested from him to prove he fathered her son. Allegedly Bruno was the one who got in touch and asked her to fly to Belo Horizonte so they could talk.

June 24, 2010

Minas Gerais police received an anonymous call saying that Eliza was beat up to death by Bruno and two other friends on his farm located in the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. In the following hours the police talked to other witnesses who confirmed that they saw Eliza and her baby son at the goalkeeper’s farm. Bruno’s actual wife denied the baby’s presence at the farm and was later arrested for lying to the investigators. She was later released by a judge order. The child was then given to Eliza’s parents.

July 6, 2010

After many days searching for Eliza (or her body), the police received a phone call from a bus driver who claimed his nephew participated in Eliza’s murder. The 16-year old revealed details on how the girls was beat up and killed by one of Bruno’s friends who’s also a former police officer. The teenager was found in Rio at Bruno’s house and taken back to Belo Horizonte where he told police what happened.

According to him Bruno left the farm with Eliza and went to his friend’s house. Marcos dos Santos – the former policeman – choked Eliza to death and the chopped her body in pieces. He then gave the smaller parts and the meat to his dogs and buried the bigger bones and whatever the dogs left of the girl and buried under wet concrete in his backyard. Bruno allegedly was there watching the whole time.

Creepy uh?

The goalkeeper, his wife and friends were all arrested while the investigations continue. There’s not much else to prove but the extend of his actual participation in the murder itself. The picture shows him wearing the typical inmate orange suit while he was being transferred from the temporary jail to the state penitentiary.

I could go on and on and on boring you guys on my perspective on how this whole thing could’ve been avoided had Bruno just decided to be less greedy and offer the girl a 10 thousand dollar monthly allowance (a frivolous 10 percent of his monthly income). I’m sure the girl would’ve taken it.

Or on how Brazilian teams need to have psychologists work daily with their young players to help them transition from a tough life in the slums with no family structure or essential discipline to a life of false friends, media, fame and money. But none of that that will make him less responsible for taking this girl’s life, leaving a child orphan, and destroying his own once brilliant future.


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