Arsene Wenger – ‘Manchester United have lost faith in their philosophy’


Speaking to the Mail, Arsene Wenger has commented on Manchester United trying to buy their way to the top.

The Arsenal manager spoke about how United and Barcelona were a model he wanted to follow. The Frenchman stated that both clubs did outstandingly well to dominate over a certain period in domestic football and they did it in the right way, bringing young players through the ranks.

However, after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and the lack of success in the last couple of seasons, Wenger claims that United have abandoned their principles and philosophy that brought them great success in the past.

Further, he also stated that Arsenal will never lose their DNA and will always continue to show faith in their philosophy and continue to build in the right way.

“You can take Barcelona or Manchester United, who had a generation and built their success on players who came from within,” he told the Mail.

“These are our values and it is our DNA. It’s important we keep that. After, if we can buy the exceptional players, we can compete today but that will not be the basis of our policy.

“United have veered from this philosophy, spending heavily on established international stars. It may be one reason why Ferguson does not miss it.

“With success they have created huge financial resources and today there is no patience for them to continue what they did.

“They have the financial resources to go with a different policy. And they do not have available players like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham inside the club.”

Although Wenger has himself splashed out on the likes of Sanchez and Ozil in the last couple of seasons, his comments are understandable considering the amount of money Van Gaal has spent since coming in.

Although United have the resources to continue such spending and there is nothing wrong with their new policy, it does beg the question, have United lost faith in their traditional ethos and principles which turned them into the great club they are?


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