Arsenal vs Stoke City: Goals, highlights and why Arsene Wenger MUST go


Arsenal came up with yet another utterly disappointing performance in a 3-2 defeat away from home, as Arsene Wenger’s side were brushed aside by an inspired Stoke City.


Arsenal slumped to their fourth defeat of the season after going down 3-0 to the home side, in the first half. Even though Arsenal put together a commendable fightback in the second half of the game, Mark Hughes’ side emerged victorious in a thrilling encounter at the Britannia.

Arsenal’s failings can be attributed to several reasons like injuries and under performing players, but the fact of the matter is that the North London giants have been a misfiring cannon for the last decade and if anyone is to blame, it is the manager.

Arsene Wenger’s contribution to English football has been revolutionary and can only be matched/surpassed by the former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. However, over the last ten years, Wenger’s legacy has been enduring damaging blows. Lack of trophies, recurring problems within the club/team and lack of ambition in the transfer market has forced vast majority of Arsenal fans against the man, who is arguably their greatest ever manager.

While many argue that Wenger has been instrumental in stabilizing the club during its transition period after they left Highbury, it is evident that Wenger’s stubbornness and resistance towards change has constantly hindered an Arsenal side with tremendous potential.

Recent results have sparked discussions as to whether the long serving Frenchman should be allowed to continue at Emirates. Although Wenger’s experience and achievements in the game have been phenomenal, it is easy to see that the time has come for him to step down and allow the club to move forward with a different vision.

Following are the reasons, why Arsene Wenger must go.

Recurring transfer and injury issues

Arsenal, much like Liverpool have failed to address their weaknesses over the years. While the Londoners have bought well in certain departments and have done well to play Champions League football consistently, they have never managed to take the next step.

Arsene Wenger has always been a keen admirer of youth and has often gone against experience when it comes to the transfer market. While the potential of the players he has brought into the club over the years, are undoubtedly immense, the team has often lacked in terms of leadership and bravery.

Once again, Arsenal failed to address their centre back and central midfield issues in the summer as the club strengthened their attack considerably. Also Wenger’s decision to replace Sagna and Vermaelen with talented young players like Chambers and Bellerin has left the Arsenal defence with inexperience, lack of leadership and organisation.


Injuries have been the undoing of Arsenal football club over the last few years. Recurring injuries to key players is a part and parcel of the job at Emirates. While it is easy to label the players as ‘injury prone’, it is also important to note that managing such players is an attribute in itself, and let’s be honest, Wenger is not very good at it. Whether its the management of injured players or training regimes, it is time for a complete overhaul when it comes to Arsenal’ medical setup/training routines.

Principles, ideas, desire and the dressing room

Arsene Wenger’s side yesterday looked like one that had no interest in performing for their manager. The players looked disinterested, not just yesterday, but quite often this season.

Further, its not just the players whose desire can be questioned. The manager himself has often been indifferent to on pitch events of late. An animated Arsene Wenger, barking out orders to his players, organising his team from the touchline is a rare sight these days. Wenger looks more like a man who is weary of his adventures and is sulking in his seat, ready to accept the consequences.


Wenger’s ideas and principles have built Arsenal into the club they are today, but modern football demands evolution and Wenger has failed to improvise with time. Him being outplayed and out thought by inferior managers has become a bit of a norm these days.

The time was right for Wenger to step down this summer, after having won the FA Cup, but the Frenchman has risked souring his legacy by choosing to continue at a job that is crying out for a change.

Catch the highlights of Stoke vs Arsenal here –

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