Arsenal star spoke about Ozil, Wenger, Liverpool and many more

Santi Cazorla
Santi Cazorla

Arsenal’s attacking midfielder Santi Cazorla is a lovable character. He is often called El Sonrisas (The Smile) as you can see a broad smile always glowing in his face. Playing in his second year at Arsenal, he feels a lot has changed for him and his team, but his core philosophy of enjoying this beautiful game has always remained the same.


In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, the Spaniard spoke on various topics ranging from his club, Mesut Ozil, Arsene Wenger and many more.

Arsenal are leading the Premier League table, which is a surprise to many of us. When asked Cazorla what has changed for the Gunners he said:

We have matured, I think. It is a pleasure to see you up, gives strength and confidence, but much more. We had to be more regular and we are, something we have corrected from last season. Last season we lost many matches foolishly due to lack of concentration, this season, we are committing fewer errors. 

Premier League and Liverpool: 

Liverpool are surprise package of the championship and I think they’re serious candidate because they’ve reinforced it well. They are compact and holds the advantage of playing a single competition. But look at the City, they lost to Sunderland or Tottenham, who fell at home. The Premier League is not easy, unlike Spain. There is more equality.

Comparison between La Liga and Premier League

Yes, Premier League is more open. The Spanish League is bipolar, while the Premier League is more fun. That doesn’t mean it is easy to play here, not better or worse, but it is entirely different. 

Arsene Wenger 

Arsene is a reference. I can tell you that I learn every day from him. He is a different coach than I’ve had, but his philosophy is similar to Pellegrini, in terms of their idea that the team take control of the game through ball possession and dominating the game. 

English football is less tactical, rather more open in nature. Arsene has given me absolute freedom, although I play a little left in midfield, but he allows me to go to the center, change positions and overall makes me feel very happy.

Mikel Arteta

Mikel is a reference and will be captain within a year and a half. He is playing for many years in the premier league. 

Mesut Ozil’s impact at Arsenal

Ozil is something different because he is pure talent. He is magic. We are suprised to see him come to Arsenal because we didn’t expect Ozil to leave Madrid and join us. For us, he is a gift.

On himself, what he brings to the team

Joy, inside and out. I love to laugh. Even in difficult times I try to bring positive thoughts. They say I always laugh, but it is a way of seeing life. I think, football is joy.  I do not understand football without joy, do not understand that you can play without joy.

Cazorla feels that Spanish midfielder Xavi (talks going on about Cazorla replacing the Barcelona legend for the future) is irrepressible and unique. It is not only difficult to replace him but at the same time impossible too. He strongly believes the future of Spanish football is bright and especially mentions the names of Isco and Juan Mata.

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