Arsenal star defends Manchester United signing, hits out at English media

Man United transfer news
Man United transfer news

Arsenal Mesut Ozil has hit out at English media’s criticism of Bastian Schweinsteiger and has asked the fans to be patient with the Bayern Munich star.

Schweinsteiger's fitness has been questioned by the media
Schweinsteiger’s fitness has been questioned by the media

Ozil has claimed that his compatriot Schweinsteiger will need time to settle into English football and that the media and fans should not judge him just yet.

The German attacking midfielder has himself faced a baptism of fire since his big money move from Real Madrid and urged everyone to treat Bastian better.

Ozil said: “The drastic interim judgement in [the] English press is not fair towards him. He certainly needs some time to adjust to Premier League. Just allow him a bit of time.”

“Basti has shown the whole world at the World Cup what a leader he is, most of all in the final,” the 26-year-old former Real Madrid midfielder said, referring to Schweinsteiger’s willingness to battle through the final despite receiving several knocks and a bleeding head wound.

“Whenever the English media writes about Bastian, they put a World Cup winner before his name. He’s now the German world champion, who should make the difference for United,” Ozil said, adding that the pressure for Schweinsteiger is “immense.”

Ozil said: “Do not judge him because of a couple of touches to the ball in a season, but moreover when the crucial games are played.”

Ozil’s defence of Schweinsteiger certainly makes a lot of sense, considering English media’s criticism of foreign signings as opposed to their glowing reportage of British players.

It will be interesting to see how Schweinsteiger deals with all the pressure from the fans and media and deliver at United. However, his ability to do that is beyond doubt. The German has the talent and the experience to cope with the expectations and leave his mark in England.

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