How Arsenal’s business model restricts Wenger but benefits the club in long-term

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

How Arsenal's business model restricts Wenger but benefits the club in long-term

Arsene Wenger has never been under greater pressure in the 16 years he has spent as Arsenal manager. Following Arsenal’s penalty shoot out defeat at the hands of Bradford City in the League Cup, Wenger is being attacked over the same old issues.

What Arsenal, and football fans in general, need to bear in mind is that the Frenchman is working within a strict business model engineered to benefit the club over the coming seasons, even if the bookies’ Premier League tips put 4th place as the best Arsenal can do for now.

Any Arsenal fan would happily bear the current form of the side and the recent record of the side if it meant a solid chance of winning the Premier League title and the European Cup over the next three to four years.

However, football fans are an impatient bunch so it’s important to look at Arsenal’s immediate objectives and how they can grow and recover from this latest setback.

A number of media sources are talking about how Everton and in particularly Liverpool, will surge and challenge the top four places in the league this season. Arsenal, an experienced top four side, are in a better position than either because they have a manager who has been consistent during his time at the club.

Arsenal fans need to be very careful over how much pressure they put on the club in relation to their manager because he is driving a well oiled machine that could be caused to breakdown under the style of another coach.

The fans also need to bear in mind that Wenger is playing a side riddled with problems and he is using a lot of young players. There is talk over Bacary Sagna and Theo Walcott leaving the club instead of staying and supporting it through a difficult time.

Wenger at least deserves the chance to develop Arsenal under their business model in the next few seasons which should see the club spend a little more on transfers and retain key players as they can pay more wages.

Arsenal fans will be sick of hearing about patience and they want results considering they are paying more than ever before to watch their club.

The point is, Wenger can make Arsenal great again, another manager may have a short term effect but that person will not understand where Arsenal have come from and where they are meant to be going.

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