Will ‘Pink’ Anelka help Chelsea beat Arsenal?

Franck Ribery is not the only player with new pink boots. His teammate in the French national team, Nikolas Anelka, goes pink as well. He stars in the new commercial of Puma, where a French woman in French underwear kidnaps him. Not a very elegant and chic commercial:

What’s that criminal woman in pink who kidnaps Anelka, saying? Voila! A translation by me (in other words, a general translation):

“This is a message by FRFQAHR – (the Front révolutionnaire des femmes qui aiment les hommes en rose). Dear Luiz Felipe Scolari of Chelsea, we’ve just kidnapped your best striker. We won’t release him, unless you permit him wearing pink boots during soccer matches. If you don’t allow him to go pink, we will send him back to Paris. You have to decide before the Champions League match against Girondins de Bordeaux, for your own sake, Mr. Scolari.”

Girl, I think you’re mistaken because Niko scored the opening goal for Chelsea against Bordeaux. In boots which were not pink.

And of course, while Chelsea can beat Bordeaux, beating Arsenal (in a game Wenger has described as ‘must win’, where defeat will end their title hopes) is a different matter altogether?

Can Chelsea beat Arsenal (with or without pink boots)?

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