2013-14 Barcelona shirts leaked – Big improvement on the current kits

2013-14 barcelona shirts
2013-14 barcelona shirts

Barcelona’s chances for a Champions League win this season have been greatly reduced thanks to Bayern Munich’s antics at the Allianz Arena. As the two giants of Spain and Germany prepare for the return leg at Nou Camp, we have come across images of shirts claiming to be the 2013-14 Barcelona shirts.

Barca have already revealed that their first commercial shirt sponsor is going to be Qatar Airways. The deal is worth over €35 million-a-year.

The 2013-14 Barcelona shirts are a major improvement on what the Catalans are wearing this season – the away shirt especially. The current home shirt is not a bad design although it was a big change from the regular blue and red striped shirt. The current away shirt, on the other hand, is somewhat of a disaster.

Nike have, it seems, made up for their little misdemeanor. Take a look at the leaked images of the 2013-14 Barcelona shirts:

2013-14 Barcelona Shirts: Home

The home shirt design has been reverted back to the striped blue and red; but in a darker shade. It has a yellow V-neck collar and it seems the player name and number will also be in yellow as the Nike Swoosh and the UNICEF logo on the back are also yellow. However, the main sponsor’s logo is in white on the front.

The shirt had four red and three blue stripes. The sleeves are also blue but fades into red as it goes down the arm. The red and yellow stripes of the Catalan flag are displayed on the back of the collar.

2013-14 barcelona shirts
2013-14 Barcelona home shirt – front & back

2013-14 Barcelona Shirts: Away

Finally, Barcelona will be able to rid themselves of the kit that reminds me of sour things. Although, a similar shirt has been touted as the ‘new Barcelona away shirt’ for many seasons in the past, but this time a lot more work has been put into it.

Barca’s away shirt will also be striped and it will be in the colors of the Catalan flag – yellow and red. It will be a round-neck shirt with yellow sleeves. The front of the shirt has four red stripes and five yellow ones. The end of the sleeves has plenty of thin red stripes and they end in a thick red stripe at the bottom.

The manufacturer and the sponsor logo are printed in black.

2013-14 barcelona shirts
2013-14 Barcelona away shirt

2013-14 Barcelona Shirts: Third

The third shirt – although scarcely used – is black. The third shirt has been black for a few seasons now. There is a slight design change in this one to match the 2013-14 home and away shirts.

The shirt is mainly plain black with white or light-gray details on the sleeves.

2013-14 barcelona shirts
2013-14 Barcelona away shirt

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